Dantz Dantz has launched Retrospect 6 – the latest version of its backup and restore software for the Mac.

Retrospect 6 now protects both Power Mac G4 and G5 computers running Mac OS X Panther. It also backs up Xserve RAIDs and supports SCSI and Fibre Channel tape libraries.

Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, Ron Okamoto, said: "Retrospect 6 delivers a reliable and easy to use solution for Mac users who take advantage of the massive storage density and incredible performance of XServe RAID."

New features in Retrospect 6 include: No limit to the size of volumes that can be backed up or the amount of data stored in a Backup Set; no terabyte limit; and support for most SCSI and Fibre Channel tape libraries. It also boasts an improved user-interface to manage drives, tapes, and cleaning tapes; and disk backups can span multiple FireWire or USB hard drives.

Pricing and availability

Retrospect 6 will be available as an electronic download on January 26. Boxed product should arrive in the channel by mid-February, according to Dantz.

Three editions of Dantz Retrospect 6 will be available: Retrospect Server, which backs up a local Macintosh computer and 100 networked clients – including servers, is expected to cost £499. An upgrade version is available for £218.

Retrospect Workgroup backs up a local Macintosh computer and 20 networked desktop or notebook clients. It will cost £311 with upgrades for £124.

Retrospect Desktop backs up one local Macintosh desktop or notebook computer and two networked desktops or notebook clients – a full version is £80 and an upgrade is £37. All prices exclude VAT.

Client licenses for additional computers and client upgrades are also available, as are annual support and maintenance contracts. Customers who have already purchased annual support and maintenance will receive Retrospect 6.0 at no additional cost.

Retrospect 6 is not compatible with OS 9, but Retrospect 5.1 is included for backing up to a Mac running Mac OS 9.