Marathon Computer, maker of rack-mounting systems for Macs, showed off its Stealth Display Mount at Macworld Expo New York.

This allows an LCD monitor to be stowed away while rack mounted with the company's GRack solution for Mac servers.

The GRack is made of lightweight, super-strong aircraft aluminium. It attaches securely to the body of any Power Mac G4 or blue G3 for easy installation into industry-standard 19-inch racks.

You can replace the GRack's adjustable rear ears with Telescoping Slide Rails to allow instant access to the inside of your computer for upgrades and repairs. "With Slide Rails installed, simply pull your computer out of the cabinet like a drawer and pop the top," says the company.

Using either a 15-inch Studio Display, or any standard VESA-compliant LCD display, you'll be able use the new rack mount. It can either be a fixed display, or - to save space – there's a stowaway version to store the screen horizontally. If you need to see the screen just pull the handle and it slides out and folds down into position.

There are two dealers for the Marathon rack-mounting systems in the UK: Technical Earth (0208 450 0303), and ES Video (01252 823866).