Macworld Expo New York 2001 was opened today by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. During his opening keynote speech, Jobs unveiled a new line-up of silver Power Mac G4s, three new iMacs, and Mac OS X version 10.1. He also previewed a forthcoming new version 2.0 of iDVD.

The much-rumoured introduction of a radically redesigned iMac range, with flat-panel LCD screens, did not – as suggested in Macworld's daily news last week – occur. The new iMacs are in fact faster and cheaper than previously available.

The other announcements, however, fitted in with Apple's massive push on its next-generation operating system Mac OS X, more powerful professional desktops, and its new digital-hub strategy.

Silver Power Macs Apple's professional G4 Power Macs now come at three speeds, and with a silver rather than Graphite casing. The previously high-end 733MHz model is now the entry-level system – costing £1,199 (ex. VAT). The fastest single-processor G4 system runs at 867MHz, and costs £1,799 (ex. VAT). The new "fastest-ever" Mac is the dual-processor 800MHz Power Mac G4 (with 80GB hard drive), costing £2,499 (ex. VAT). The 867MHz and 800MHz DP systems each ship with a DVD-R SuperDrive combination.

New iMacs There are three new Apple consumer iMacs. The entry-level 500MHz model, available in Indigo and Snow colours, costs £799 (inc. VAT) – but it has CD-ROM drive and only 64MB of RAM. The same model with CD-RW drive and 128MB of RAM costs £999 (inc. VAT).

The 600MHz model (available in Snow and Graphite) costs £1,198 (inc. VAT), and this too has a CD-RW. It also has twice the hard-disk space as the 500MHz model, at 40GB. The RAM is also impressive, coming stuffed with 256MB.

The top-of-the-range 700MHz iMac costs £1,299 (inc. VAT). It is available in Snow and Graphite, has a 60GB hard drive, and also has 256MB of RAM.

More details are included in the full stories, dated July 19 -posted midnight UK time.

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