Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the crowds at his Macworld Expo New York 2001 keynote speech that Apple is taking "a different path" to the rest of the computer industry. Despite the "tough times", Apple is going to "innovate" its way out of the IT recession, Jobs told his worldwide audience of millions (via the streaming QuickTime webcast of the keynote) and the several-thousand media, VIPs, developers and public gathered in the Javits Center in New York.

Jobs listed the innovations that Apple has "introduced this year": new Power Mac G4s and iMacsiMacs (unveiled yesterday); a whole-new operating system, Mac OS X; the titanium PowerBook G4; the phenomenally successful new iBook; iTunes; and iDVD.

Before showing-off the new desktops, Jobs pointed out that Apple's new portable line-up was its best yet. He read out several high-profile mainstream press reviews of the iBook and PowerBook, and announced that 182,000 iBooks had been sold – with demand far outstripping supply.

Apple stores Jobs began the keynote on the dot of 9am (NY time; 2pm UK time). He started by talking about Apple's brick-and-mortar stores, which he claimed complemented Apple's existing retail base.

He showed a 10-minute video of the grand opening of the Glendale, California, with crowds of rather too-delerious Mac fans rushing around the store, and being seen to by never-flagging Apple Store employees.

Apple will open 25 stores by the end of 2001. Four are due to open in August: Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Boston.

New TV ads Jobs screened three recent TV ads - "Concert" for iTunes, "Middle Seat" for the iBook, and a brand-new iDVD commercial called "Elope". This showed a young couple sending their unannounced beach wedding video to the groom's shocked parents.