Channel Storm is demonstrating Live Channel 2.0 at Macworld Expo.

Live Channel 2.0 is described as a TV studio in a box. The new version supports direct video output, real-time compositing of multiple video layers and is controlled through a new interface, the developers state.

The new version can both stream live to the Internet and broadcast directly to video. The solution now supports multiple windows for cueing up, inserting and switching multiple video, audio, graphics and text overlays. Window content can include live camera feeds, pre-recorded and graphical material. Broadcasts can contain multiple live feeds, and feature split screens and picture-in-picture effects.

The new version also offers a new video out facility. This lets users output projects to video-recording machines, and shares the signal with monitors, TVs or video projectors. Other features include a built-in streaming server that needs no set-up, as well as unicast and multicast capabilities for streaming to mass audiences.

The solution is already used by large organizations, such as Alcatel and Lockheed Martin. It's also widely used among educators. The solution is expected to feature as part of Apple's demonstration of the use and creation of video in the classroom at the UK education show, BETT 2003 later this week.

Live Channel 2.0 is expected to ship next month and to cost $999 (no UK price is available at this time). Customners purchasing the current product now will receive a free upgrade to version 2.0 when it ships.