VST Technologies unveiled a range of FireWire and USB-based hard drive and removable media storage systems at Macworld Expo, Tokyo.

The new FireWire hard drives feature both FireWire and USB ports, and comes in capacities from 6 to 25GB. The drives will ship in April, said Vincent Fedele, founder and chairman of VST Technologies.

VST's FireWire RAID (redundant array of independent disks) array accommodates four 25GB hard drives to give the user a maximum storage capacity of 100GB per array. The drives support data transfer at up to 32MB/second and can be stacked up to four arrays high, for a total of 400GB storage.

Small is beautiful The array is compact, measuring 13-x-18-x-25cm, and includes a lithium-ion battery pack that lasts up to two hours. Compatible with all FireWire-equipped Apple computers, the system is scheduled to ship in March.

Two FireWire Zip drives appeared, each with the ability to support the 250MB Zip format. One supports FireWire and the other Apple's new PowerBook. Both are available now, said Fedele.

VST also showed a pre-production version of a new drive, scheduled to ship within the next three months. Supporting conventional floppy disks, SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards, the device connects to Macs via USB. Each of the three drives appears as a different device on the user's desktop. This enables files to be easily read and written to the disks, and transferred between them, said Fedele.