Stone Design, publisher of Stone Studio, has released TrueBlue, its free Mac OS X application for the conversion of TrueType fonts into PostScript fonts.

The application installs the converted fonts into Stone Design's Pstill application. This is a Portable Document Format (PDF) distillery that lets Macintosh users view and reuse EPS, Illustrator and Freehand documents in any OS X application.

Stone Design founder and CEO Andrew Stone said: "TrueBlue lets users take advantage of Pstill, even if they don't have any PostScript Type 1 fonts."

The application can convert most TrueType fonts, including Apple's System Fonts, it's available for download from the company's Web site.

The company also introduced new versions of the seven graphics tools contained in its graphics suite here at the show, adding Japanese language support for the first time. This application costs $299 and runs natively on Mac OS X. More information about the suite is available from Stone Design.

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