Detto Technologies is preparing to distribute its long-awaited Move2Mac product in the UK in February, and has introduced a new version of the product for owners of older PCs.

Move2Mac is designed to migrate essential files and data from Windows systems to Mac. The new version of the product is Move2Mac for Windows 95, a parallel-to-USB version for Windows users without a USB connection. The product - which ships January 31 - contains a parallel-to-USB cable from Keyspan.

"Since its introduction in November, Move2Mac's USB version has been widely acclaimed for its effectiveness in helping moving users switch to the Mac," said Larry Mana'o, CEO of Detto Technologies.

He added: "Apple's switching program is extending to the European markets and our goal is to help users easily switch to the Mac."

The USB version of Move2Mac costs £39.99 (inc VAT). The parallel to USB solution costs $69.95. No UK price has yet been announced. Detto Technologies' new UK distributor is NPR Software of Ireland.