Connectix introduced Virtual PC 4.0 for Mac OS X during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech yesterday. The company also announced a Test Drive of the application.

Registered users of Virtual PC 4.0 can download Virtual PC 4.0 for Mac OS X from Connectix's Web site. This is a timed beta set to expire on January 31, 2002.

Mitchell Cipriano, vice president of marketing, said: "By providing early adopters of Mac OS X with the Test Drive and the user forum for feedback and discussion, these users will influence the future direction of Virtual PC, and Connectix will be able to deliver a better product for Mac OS X."

Like Virtual PC for Mac OS 9, the Virtual PC for Mac OS X Test Drive runs almost all PC-based operating systems, including Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows NT, DOS, and several Linux distributions.

Some features are not yet implemented in the Test Drive. It lacks full USB implementation - any USB devices that require drivers won't work. Unique IP addressing is also unavailable.

The company also announced DoubleTalk 1.1. This update offers a Printer Set Up Assistant, which allows users to access Windows networks, and Network Browser support so that Macintosh users can access Windows networks via the Mac's Network Browser.