Wiebe Tech is unleashing a horde of solutions at Macworld Expo this week, including the FireWire UltraGB storage device; the Super DriveDock, a bus-powered FireWire bridge; a USB pocket drive; and the NanoGB FireWire pocket drive.

UltraGB is a high-preformance FireWire-powered storage device that uses 3.5-inch drives. This device uses the video-friendly Oxford 911 FireWire bridge, and is available in 40, 60 and 80GB capacities. The device is fanless, and ships with a 12V power supply for Macs that cannot deliver enough power over the FireWire bus. The devices cost between $239.95 and $269.95.

The Super DriveDockTM, a FireWire bus-powered bridge interface, is attachable to any 3.5-inch IDE drive, claims Wiebe Tech. It means Mac users can power 3.5-inch drives direct from the FireWire port. This also uses the Oxford 911 FireWire bridge, is compatible with Macs and PCs, and supports IDE capacities up to 160GB. It measures 62-x-38-x-25mm, and costs $159.95.

NanoGB-USB is a fast, small USB2/1.1 pocket drive available in capacities up to 40GB. In an aluminium shell, the product measures 11.9-x-74.2-x-129.0mm. It ships with a power adaptor, but will also run off a USB system bus. 20, 30 and 40GB capacity drives are available at $199.95, $239.95 and $279.95 respectively. It ships in late August.

NanoGB is another fast FireWire product, implementing the Oxford 911 bridge in capacities up to 40GB. Once again encased in an aluminium shell, the product's dimensions are 11.9mm-x-74.2mm-x-142.7mm. The device is self-powered, and the included hard drives revolve at either 4,200 or 5,400rpm. Pricing varies according to capacity and spindle speed. 4,200rpm drives cost $217.95 (20GB), $259.95 (30GB) or $299.95 (40GB). The 5,400rpm product with a 40GB capacity costs $419.95. The products ship August 31.