XLR8 displayed its forthcoming multiprocessor upgrade for G3 and G4 PowerPCs at Macworld Expo, Tokyo.

Based on XLR8's CarrierZIF concept, the upgrade is an accelerator card that can accommodate two processors, working in tandem. Technically, it takes the form of a dual ZIF CPU riser card that accommodates the chips. Though not yet available, the company is operating a 'buy now, upgrade later' plan.

"Our modular concept allows users to easily upgrade as their need for speed increases," said Jack Kolk, General Manager of XLR8. "We're taking this one step further. Users can upgrade today, and then move up to Multiprocessing with no penalty, because we'll have a program for upgrading from CarrierZIF 1.0 to 2.0."

The company estimates its Multiprocessing solution should be available in mid-Summer.