It's time that Apple’s iBook ran on a G4 processor, according to a Macworld Online poll.
A total of 67 per cent of respondents favour the move, with 30 per cent feeling that it's better that Apple sticks with G3s to keep prices low. The remaining 3 per cent were undecided.

Apple's iBook was last updated in May this year, receiving faster PowerPC G3 processors running at up to 700MHz; double the on-chip level-2 cache running at full processor speed; a more-powerful ATI Mobility Radeon graphics processor, and larger hard drives.

One respondent said: "OS X needs a G4, so who wants to buy a machine running yesterday's technology?"

Another said: “A G4 iBook would be good for customers, but may give Apple a big headache with product differentiation. What other advantages does the titanium iBook have apart from its screen?

"I don’t only want a G4, but a 15-inch screen as well," clamoured one respondee.

Another predicted that “just as the angels follow God, and the iMac followed the G4, the iBook will go G4 when the Power Book goes G5”.

"Apple is currently pricing itself out of a huge share of the market,” declared one reader. “If it reduced its prices it would entice more people to cross-over to the Mac platform.”