Apple has unveiled iWork 05 - AppleWorks with 21st Century teeth.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the keynote audience: "With iWork 05, we’re building the successor to AppleWorks. AppleWorks was built before Mac OS X so it doesn't take advantage of Mac OS X, or iLife. iWork is built from the ground up to take full advantage of the features in Mac OS X and iLife."

iWork has been developed to help users create, present and publish professional-looking documents and presentations. It introduces the stylish new word processor, and also features Keynote 2, a new version of Apple’s presentation software for building cinematic-looking presentations.

Pages and Keynote 2 take full advantage of the advanced typography and Quartz graphics engine of Mac OS X. The applications integrate with iLife 05. iWork also include a collection of themes and templates for common productivity tasks.

By taking advantage of the latest innovations in Mac OS X and iLife 05,” said Sina Tamaddon, Apple’s senior vice president of applications. “iWork ’05 makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create really great-looking documents, newsletters and presentations quickly and easily.”

Brand new Pages

Pages carries tools to create letters, newsletters, reports, brochures and resumes with advanced typography, multiple columns, footnotes, tables of contents and styles.

Demoing the new software, which features fourty ready made templates, including pictures and text - users just have to add their own content and move it around until they are satisfied with the way it looks, Apple VP Phil Schiller said: "There are forty templates. You never start with a scary white page".

Jobs added: "It is designed so that mere mortals can make fantastic presentations and fantastic documents."

Features include dynamic text wrapping and alignment guides and the capacity to create free-form arrangements of text, graphics, photos, tables and charts. The product also includes an integrated iLife media browser lets users drag and drop photos from iPhoto into documents, along with over 40 Apple-designed templates.

Et tu Keynote 2?

Keynote 2 is Apple’s presentation, portfolio, slideshow and storyboard creation application.

Apple describes it as delivering: “Powerful slide animations to synchronize the movement of multiple objects and cinematic real-time animated text.”

Integration matters, so Keynote can navigate iLife applications to insert photos, movies and music directly into presentations. It offers image masking so it’s possible to frame the exact part of the photo users want to display. It ships with 20 themes and has a feature that can support a second monitor to display upcoming slides, notes and a timer.

iWork 05 imports AppleWorks and imports and exports Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files along with a wide range of industry standard file formats: PDF, Photoshop, TIFF, JPG and QuickTime. Keynote 2 can also export presentations to Macromedia Flash.

Pricing & Availability

iWork 05 ships in the US on Saturday, January 22 and worldwide on Saturday, January 29 and costs £49.

Minimum system requirements include Mac OS X 10.3.6, a Mac with a 500Mhz or faster G3, G4 or G5 processor (G4 for PowerBook), 128MB RAM (512MB recommended), 8MB of video RAM (32MB recommended), QuickTime 6.5 or later and iLife 04 or later.

With additional reporting by Karen Haslam in San Francisco.

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