Macworld UK spoke with Apple vice president of worldwide Mac product marketing David Moody and Apple vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben at Macworld Expo to discuss Apple's new products.

Happy Christmas iMac G5 - you're history!

Apple surprised many when it revealed the new Intel-powered iMac - just three months since the latest G5 version of the hit product debuted. Many users are expected to have purchased an iMac over Christmas, and are likely to be disappointed that their all-new product has suddenly grown old.

Apple gave short thrift: When asked about the potential for disappointed G5 iMac customers that treated themselves to Christmas iMacs, Moody said: "It's an issue we face with every new product. It's just a fact of life that technology changes really fast."

Battery life - what's the charge?

Moody confirmed that the MacBook Pro still has a few features that need finalising before the new pro notebook actually ships. Chief among these - the battery - anecdotal evidence suggests that fully-charged pre-production machines on view at the UK launch event carried just four hours battery life, and this is unlikely to satisfy potential buyers.

Moody explained that no official Apple figures for battery life exist, but stressed the product will offer battery life on par with previous PowerBooks.

Pro apps procrastinate

While most Pro Apple applications will be ready for Intel by March, Shake is unlikely to be, Schoeben said. Apple's reasoning here is that only very high-end users of pro machines will use Shake. Therefore it won't be needed to be Intel-ready until the G5 Power Mac is replaced, late this year.

Moody explained: "In many cases the high end applications could be the later ones to move over to universal binaries. This is because in general the more high-end the application the more performance tuning has been done with the processor and the processor architecture, and this means it's a lot more work to design a brand new architecture. So people who need these applications may want to continue buying a Power Mac for a while."