Apple has released a free update for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. According to the company, the 10.4.4 Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility and is recommended for all users. It is available via Apple’s Downloads page and OS X’s Software Update, weighing in at between 27MB and 166MB depending on a Mac’s current operating system and requirements.

It includes fixes for: Bluetooth wireless access; Core Graphics; Core Audio; Core Image; RAW camera support; Disk Utility; Spotlight indexing and searching; AppleScript; iChat; DVD Player; Safari applications; Dashboard widgets, Calendar and Stocks; Software Update and Sync Services; compatibility with USB and FireWire devices and third-party applications. It also includes previous standalone OS X security updates.

iPhoto can now import and work with raw graphic files from several recent digital cameras.

The 10.4.4 Update addresses an issue for Mac OS X 10.4.3 in which you cannot unlock the System Keychain, or the System Keychain does not accept your authentication when authenticating for a wireless network.

It includes later versions of the Courier and Monaco system fonts that resolve certain Central European language and Cyrillic glyph display issues.

Safari now displays certain documents that have text/plain headers as plain text rather than treating them as HTML. Text within a nested HTML table's cells (such as a web-based form) no longer disappears when you click it. 10.4.4 addresses an issue in which some websites could cause CPU usage to spike unnecessarily, or cause Safari to stop responding, unless Safari's Enable JavaScript preference was deselected.

The update also resolves an issue in which Safari could unexpectedly quit if you tried to save a web page which includes an inline PDF file as a Web Archive. .Mac now syncs which RSS feed items you have and haven't read in Safari. The Calculator widget now uses the number format set in International preferences format pane.

The following widgets are installed with this update: People (lets you look up residential phone numbers); Google (searches the Internet via, then displays the results in your default web browser); and Ski Report.

The following widgets are updated with this update: Stocks (can now display price graphs for a week or a month); Address Book (now has three panes: Search, List, and Card); Calendar; PhoneBook (now named Business.

iChat can now detect when you're using a Bluetooth headset as your audio device, and allows iChat to initiate a video conference with an AOL Messenger (AIM) for Windows user whose name include spaces or uppercase characters.

Other applications

10.4.4 addresses an issue in which Preview or other graphic applications might be able to open an EPS format file, but would unexpectedly quit soon afterwards. It also improves the compression achieved when saving a TIFF file as a compressed TIFF. Shadows within a PDF document created in Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later are visible in Adobe Reader as well.