Macworld US yesterday announced its Best of Show Awards for Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Using the criteria that the winners had to either make their public debut at Macworld Expo or been recently introduced and that the judges had to be able to see them in action; Macworld's editors selected 12 winners, including Apple's iPod shuffle and Mac mini, both of which are aimed at expanding the company's market share among budget-conscious consumers.

The other winners were: Xerox Phaser EX7750, a colour laser printer and network colour server aimed at graphic professionals who need accurate colour (starting at $17,899).

TEN Technology's NaviPlay ($199), Bluetooth-based wireless headphones for iPod.

Griffin Technology's SmartDeck ($24.99), an adapter that plugs an iPod into a cassette player and employs special technology to let users navigate the MP3 player with their car stereo controls.

Roxio's Popcorn ($49.95), which backs up unencrypted DVDs, including dual-layer ones, to standard 4.7GB DVD-R discs.

ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition ($499), a graphics card with 256MB of VRAM and the capacity to drive a 30-inch Apple Cinema HD display and an older monitor simultaneously.

Rounding out the Best of Show list were MacSoft's Close Combat: First to Fight (price TBA), an upcoming squad-based tactical first-person shooter that emulates real Marine tactics.

Bare Bones Software's TextWrangler 2.0 (free), an upgrade to the text editor that's free for everyone, not just current users.

Panic's Transmit 3 ($24.95) FTP software, which offers a new column view and more.

Corriente Networks' Elektron ($299.99), which adds RADIUS/802.1X security to wireless networks.

Better Energy Systems' Solio ($119.99/$99.99), a solar-powered battery recharger for iPod and other mobile devices. Solio is already available in the UK, and costs £49.95 from Everything iPod.