Elgato Systems has announced EyeConnect, the first commercially available media streaming software based on the Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video standard.

EyeConnect enables digital music, video, or photo content, including EyeTV recordings, iPhotos, iTunes and movies stored on a Mac, to be played on a variety of devices certified for that standard.

Universal Plug and Play Audio/Video is an accepted industry standard that lets digital content to be identified, managed, and distributed across multiple devices. It is supported by a wide range of consumer electronics companies including major players like D-Link, HP, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sony and many more. It uses TCP/IP and other Internet technologies to stream data through the home.

"With EyeConnect software, anyone can turn their Macintosh into a digital media centre, opening up a whole new way of enjoying digital entertainment throughout the home", said Freddie Geier, CEO Elgato Systems.

"People can use EyeConnect software to watch EyeTV recordings or movies on a big-screen television, to display organized albums of digital photographs on an electronic picture frame, or to play their iTunes music collection and MP3s on a Dolby Digital audio system."

The software can automatically determine which digital media standards an enabled device supports.

The software requires a G4 500MHz or G5 processor, Mac OS X 10.3 and at least 256MB RAM. A network (wireless or ethernet) is also needed.

A Public Beta version of EyeConnect will be available for download next month.