Environmentalists made good on their promise to demonstrate outside Macworld Expo San Francisco yesterday, says Associated Press.

Members of the Computer TakeBack campaign are angered by what they see as lackluster initiatives on the part of Apple to recycle old Macs. They claim the computer company is lagging behind its competitors in the way it handles dangerous electronic waste.

Last year members of the group forced Dell to boost its recycling policies - and now it intends protesting outside Apple's Cupertino HQ throughout 2005, with a letter-writing and email campaign also in the works.

They are angry because they believe Apple is pushing the burden of disposing of electrical waste back to the customer.

Last week, Apple promised to join eBay and Intel, which launched an informational Web site to help motivate Americans to resell, donate or recycle used gadgets.

US consumers retire or replace roughly 133,000 personal computers per day, the report claims.