FM::Nexus has introduced its Inspector 1.0 database analysis tool.

The software can identify the kind of information developers need to build, maintain and prevent problems with FileMaker databases. It can analyse FileMaker databases quickly and thoroughly to determine if problems, or potential problems, exist.

The analysis result clarifies the structure, elements, relationships and other crucial detailed information, highlighting problems in troubled areas.

"Inspector provides comprehensive analysis of FileMaker solutions with supersonic speed," said Vincenzo Menanno, founder and president of FM::Nexus. "Inspector helps FileMaker developers build better solutions and build them faster. Better solutions because the more you use Inspector, the less likely problems will be introduced without your knowing."

Using FileMaker's Database Design Report (DDR), Inspector provides a visual overview of basetables, table occurrences, layouts, layout objects, scripts, fields, privilege sets and more.

It's available now for Mac OS X and Windows and costs $399.