FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 is available in the US now.

The software - designed for use with FileMaker Pro 7.0 - offers new security, reporting and search management capabilities for corporate recruiters.

Its designed to manage recruitment searches, identify and track candidates, and communicate with clients and hiring managers. FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 features several new capabilities since the application was first introduced in 2003, including a complete redesign

Major improvements includes a user-controlled multi-window environment, built in security with predefined privilege sets, support for importing from email client address books, more powerful reporting capabilities, and quick view of outstanding actions on the home page, including contact interactions, companies, group interactions and searches.

"FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 allows recruiters to spend more time on the higher value tasks of recruiting," said Chuck Spink, product manager, FileMaker Applications. "With an improved user interface and enhanced data entry, search, and reporting capabilities, FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 is an affordable tool for conducting effective candidate searches and placements."

Owners of FileMaker Recruiter 1.x can upgrade to Recruiter 2.0 for free. Otherwise the application costs $299.