Software developer FileWave announced FileWave 2.0 at Macworld Expo San Francisco.

The new version allows businesses of all sizes to distribute Macintosh and Windows software as well as System Updates easily and rapidly across their multi-platform distributed networks. FileWave is planning to ship the product in March 2005.

Software called Patch Installer lets administrators apply system updates across networks. FileWave developer Ben Forsyth said: "With just a few drags, a system administrator has the ability to have a Security Update or System Update installed on all their Macs and Windows computers across the Enterprise.”

FileWave 2.0 consists of: FileWave, XServer, Booster, XAdmin, XClient, WinAdmin and WinClient.

A system administrator needs to define the model software configuration only once, at a centralized location, and can move on to other duties while the configuration is deployed to designated client computers.