Telestream has released Flip4Mac WMV Components Version 2.0

Flip4Mac WMV Components allow Mac OS X users to play, import, and export non-rights protected Windows Media video and audio files within native QuickTime-based media applications such as QuickTime Player, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and more.
"Flip4Mac bridges incompatibility gaps between Microsoft Windows Media formats and the Mac," said Telestream CEO, Dan Castles.
Major new features in this release include full-playback of high-definition Windows Media content within QuickTime Player on a Mac, expanded preset encoding profiles, and the ability to save custom encoding profiles.
Flip4Mac WMV Player Component is now free - indeed, Microsoft has begun distributing the software from its site, suggesting Redmond plans to discontinue Mac development of its Windows Media Player.

The Components allows Mac users to play Windows Media files using QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using Safari web browser. Optional upgrades add the ability to import Windows Media files for editing and encode Windows Media files for distribution.
Flip4Mac WMV Import adds the ability to import Windows Media for editing and conversion to other formats for $29.  A choice of Flip4Mac WMV Studio products add the ability to export Windows Media standard-definition and high-definition files using convenient preset or custom encoding profiles, with one or two-pass encoding. The Flip4Mac WMV Studio bundles range in price from $49 to $179.
Flip4Mac WMV Components have been optimised in Version 2.0 to enable first-time, full playback of high-definition Windows Media video on Power Mac G4 and G5 systems.