LiveQuartz Image Editor 1.5 is available now.

It's an update to Rhapsoft's free CoreImage editor. It offers an easy-to-navigate way to employ the built-in image editing facilities of Mac OS X.

This release adds a new selecting tool named the "lasso" along with new linear and radial gradient tools.

LiveQuartz 1.5 also offers two user interfaces: one places layers at the left and filters at the right, the other puts them inside a drawer at the right of the window.

This software is localised in English, Chinese, German, French, Russian and Persian.

The software is built on layers and filters: each image dropped to its window is converted into a layer which can have several filters applied to it. It allows text input and its creations are indexed by Spotlight.

LiveQuartz is a donationware, users are encouraged to donate to help the author if they like the product.