Griffin Technology has announced a new device to integrate iPods into existing home entertainment set-ups.

The company's TuneCenter docking and charging station for iPods also connect to televisions and stereos.

Users can navigate what's on their iPods using its 14-button remote control and a TV screen. Users can explore all the content on their music player - photos, video and music.

The device will display iPod playlists and song information on the TV screen: song title, artist, album and progress of the current song all show up. The remote will also adjust iPod preferences - shuffle, repeat, equaliser.

In an innovative new twist, TuneCenter (115mm-x-100mm-x-95mm) also plays Internet radio stations simply by plugging the device into an existing network.

The product offers S-video, composite video and RCA left and right audio ports, has the built-in capacity to connect to AirPort networks (using 802.11b), and a 10-100base T Ethernet port. It also hosts an NTSC/PAL switch.

It works with third-generation or later iPods, including the iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod U2, iPod nano and current video iPod.

The product's scheduled to cost $99.99 and to begin shipping in March.