Apple isn't just focused on hardware - Macworld Expo San Fancisco will see significant improvements to iLife and .Mac as well.

Apple Insider reports that Apple may begin selling domain names from within .Mac, and will also benefit from new and easy-to-use website publishing features.

The price will reportedly drop, and new support for standards such as PHP and MySQL will also debut. New templates and much-improved iLife integration are also mooted.

iLife '06 will reportedly contain a new application to easily design websites using drag-and-drop to place site elements. Everything will be usable - from iCal calendars to iTunes templates in this consumer iteration of Apple's precious Web Objects technology.

Rumours of an iLife '06 release - while obvious (the hints in the name) - were boosted by reports that links to non-existent iLife '06 pages briefly appeared on Apple's website. This may have been a deliberate ploy to whet interest in Apple's forthcoming show.

iWork '06 is also expected to surface at the show - now with spreadsheets, rumour claims.

Apple Insider has more details on the claims.