Intel has announced a suite of software development tools and resources to help Mac developers exploit its new dual-core processors, called Core Duo.

The announcement follows the unveiling of the first Macs based on Intel chips instead of PowerPC processors, the iMac and MacBook Pro.

To help smooth the transition to an Intel-based computer architecture, the company has released free beta versions of its Intel Fortran Compiler, Intel C++ Compiler, Intel Math Kernel Library, and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for Apple's developers. In addition, Intel has published online resources to assist developers with dual-core threading and migration issues.

Intel's tools work with Apple's Xcode development environment, the company said. The tools will be available for purchase during the second quarter, it said. Pricing was not announced.

In related news, Apple is offering developers who bought a Developer Transition Kit a chance to exchange that kit for a new Intel-based iMac at no charge. This limited time offer is available until March 31, 2006.