Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expects new iPod shuffles and an Intel-based Mac next week.

In a note to clients released yesterday he predicted the new shuffles would be slightly smaller and host small screens to help life become just a little less random.

iPod shuffle

As evidence of his claim he pointed to the sold out status of the 1GB shuffle on the Apple Store. While reports claim the product is available once again online this morning, it may be worth noting that the page also warns of a 3-4 working day delay before the products ship.

This would leave ample opportunity for Apple to quietly upgrade any 1GB order to its new form factor, should it reveal one next Tuesday at Macworld Expo San Francisco. Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech on Tuesday - in three working days.

Intel 'Book

Munster also expressed his belief that it is very possible Apple will release "some form" of consumer-focused Intel Mac - perhaps an iBook or Mac mini - at the show.

Forbes reports that it is possible "Apple will introduce some form of new consumer electronics device, continuing on the 'trend towards being more of an entertainment/media technology company, not just a computer company'."