Keyspan has announced its new A/V Dock and A/V Remote for iPods.

The dock lets users connect to Macs or PCs. It also offers a line-out jack for connection to a stereo, an S-video jack to connect to a TV. Users can also charge the iPod from an AC outlet using the USB Power Adaptor.

The Dock includes a USB power adaptor, USB cable, audio cable (3.5mm stereo to dual RCA) and three dock adaptors. It costs $49, is available in white and black and ships in February.

Keyspan's A/V Remote for iPod works with the A/V Dock to wirelessly control the from around the house. It offers 16 functions and connects to the Dock using Wireless RF (range 60-feet), rather than infrared. Because it uses RF it will work through walls and furniture. The product costs $29 and is available in either black or white.

"Keyspan has offered award-winning remote controls for the Mac and PC for over six years. We've applied our expertise in remote controls to offer new solutions for iPod users," said Mike Ridenhour, president at Keyspan.