LaCie has teamed-up with Samsung to develop 1.3-inch large capacity hard drives for smaller devices.

The partnership has led LaCie to introduce new 30GB and 40GB small drives in its Little Disk range. The company is also introducing an updated version of its credit card-sized USB Key Max drive. Both solutions connect to the computer using USB 2.0.

The Samsung 1.3-inch drive was designed to be the most efficient use of capacity per volume, while its size is equal to that of Compact Flash II cards. The development of such technology allowed LaCie to overcome current size limitations and to achieve innovative design with massive storage capacities for pocket-sized devices.

"The development of these small products was enabled due to Samsung's new 1.3-inch technology that offers a small footprint with vast capacity improvement," said Edouard Doutriaux, LaCie UK branch manager. "By using this technology in these new mobile offerings, LaCie was able to see an increase in maximum capacity from 12GB to 40GB."

"In the early 2000s, other hard drive vendors introduced 1-inch drives, and due to low demand, couldn't gain traction in the mobile application market," said TJ Lee, Samsung VP, sales and marketing team, Storage System Division. "However, in step with the surging growth of multimedia content and the rapidly changing mobile environment, Samsung chose to design 1.3-inch as a new form factor, which has been very successful in mass production. Samsung is pleased to see LaCie embrace this new technology in these new products."

The devices come preloaded with LaCie's '1-Click' Backup Software for PC and Mac and SilverKeeper Backup Software for Mac to regularly back up data. Both the 1.3-inch Little Disk and the USB Key Max are available now starting at £74.90 and £69.00, including VAT.