Maccontrol has launched its first Mac products to help integrate digital products into the home.

These include a remote and connector that control home entertainment gear, using an existing AirPort network. Users can control their home entertainment system from their Mac, or they can access their Mac and home entertainment system using the maccontrol remote.

The maccontrol connector operates up to four devices, including the iPod, connecting them via Airport Extreme to a Mac and/or maccontrol remote, which uses Bonjour to locate and control any maccontrol connector. The connector can even set up and use other connectors without a Mac.

"With the iPod, Airport Express, and Front Row, Apple has done an amazing job of bridging the gap between the computer and home entertainment systems," said Douglas Hirsch, managing director. "We just take that last big step and make it easy for people to control both."

maccontrol is available for pre-order at the Macworld Expo with a special discount only for Macworld attendees. Normally, a bundle including a remote and a connector is $799.90, but during the Expo the bundle costs $649. The product ships in the second quarter of 2006.