DVForge/MacMice announced a slew of new products at Macworld Expo, including: PodBuddy, ProSticks, JamPod, PortBuddy and ZeroSticks.

PodBuddy is a flexible steel in-car iPod mount, which also includes an FM transmitter and plugs into any car lighter socket. It costs $119.99.

The company, which has aggressive plans to introduce many iPod enhancing products this year, is also launching ProSticks, a 2:1 high fidelity desktop speaker system, which will cost $349.99 in the US.

MacMice also has a unique new product – JamPod (illustrated) – a tiny gizmo that turns an iPod or iPod mini into a guitar amplifier, with audio sent through the iPod's earbuds, or any sound output the device is plugged into.

The company also launched PortBuddy, a combined USB/FireWire adaptor that's designed to clip to the underside of an iMac G5 screen, so users don't have to mess around. ($29.99).

Introducing its ZeroSticks, the company said: "The world's smallest footprint desktop computer gets the world's smallest footprint desktop speaker system zero footprint!" ($199.99).