Miglia Technology has released a public beta of EvolutionTV's software, which incorporates real-time TV and video capture for the iPod video and Sony PSP.

EvolutionTV is a USB 2 analogue TV Tuner that features MPEG-2/4 and DivX Compression. It’s designed to work with digital TV boxes.

The final version of the software is expected to ship in “six to eight weeks”, the company said.

Miglia’s president and CEO Simon Ellson said: “Up until now, capturing and loading video onto an iPod or PSP involved lengthy software conversion steps. You could spend several hours exporting a video file to make it iPod-ready. Evolution TV uses built in real-time hardware compression and does away with the export steps. Simply press the record button and synchronise the recorded video file to your iPod.”

EvolutionTV also lets you capture video from other media such as VHS, DVD and HI8. It requires a Mac with USB 2.0, a 1GHz Power PC G4 processor, 256MB RAM and Mac OS X 10.4 or above. The product costs £149 (excluding VAT).