Apple CEO Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote presentation at Macworld San Francisco on Tuesday January 11, but unlike previous keynotes, it seems this one will not be simultaneously broadcast around the globe.

Instead Mac fans are being told they will have to wait some time before they can see a delayed Web cast of the presentation.

Mac fan David Esrati received an email from Apple that read: "Apple will not be making satellite coordinates available. Although the keynote WILL be available on our web site - it will NOT be available until sometime AFTER the keynote is over. They do NOT have a time determined, so it may not be immediately after the keynote is over. " He forwarded the email to MacInTouch.

Others received similar responses from Apple when enquiring whether the company would be showing the keynote in its retail stores.

Macworld staff will be attending the Macworld Keynote and Expo in San Francisco and will provide details of any product announcements.

Macworld has asked Apple to confirm the arrangements for the broadcast of the keynote and are expecting confirmation of whether the broadcast will be live later today.