Ovolab has announced Phlink 3 telephony software for Mac OS X.

The software ships in February 2006 and includes new features, such as call snooping, EyeTV support and improved controls.

Call snooping records all conversations that take place on the phone line, regardless of whether Phlink has answered the phone or not. It works with any call that takes place on the phone line, including conference calls.

Recordings are stored as audio files on the user's Mac: they can be labeled, annotated, browsed and sorted using Phlink, and are indexed for Spotlight searches.

Phlink 3 also lets EyeTV users schedule recordings remotely over the phone, by calling home and typing a code on the telephone keypad.

Phlink also offers an improved preferences window which allows greater customisation of the software, group calling, easier voice mailbox setup, and support for Intel-based Macs.

Ovolab Phlink 3 will be released in the second half of February 2006 and costs $149.95, or $39.95 for an upgrade from Phlink 2.