A powerful new tool for high definition (HD) colour correction and QuickTime is being showcased at Macworld Expo San Francisco - FinalTouch HD.

The professional-grade product, which has been developed by Silicon Color, will ship later this month and costs $4,995.

"We based FinalTouch HD on our successful 2K film product and months of feedback from FinalTouch users and video professionals. Our newest offering addresses the needs of the HD marketplace with features never available in a dedicated HD colour correction and grading solution for QuickTime," said Roland Wood, president and founder of Silicon Color.

He continued: "FinalTouch HD is without peer in providing real-time colour correction, effects and finishing. Our engineers designed it, coded it and optimized it for OS X. With a dual-processor G5 the speed is just incredible. One of our primary design goals was to optimize workflow and provide the best integration with Final Cut Pro via XML."

BlackMagic Designs CEO Grant Petty said: "The engineers at Silicon Color have done an excellent job making the integration of real-time HD/SD colour correction completely seamless with our DeckLink product line."

Product features include:

Primary In: with advanced controls for shadows, midtones, highlights, lift, gamma, gain, hue and saturation, Integrated Vectorscopes, Waveform monitors, Histogram, Multiple Live Grades.

Secondaries: HSL controls with falloff, Hue Auto-Qualify, Additive and Subtractive (RGBCMY) Auto-Qualify, HUE Curves, Saturation Curves, Luminance Curves, Vignettes, Trackers, Keyframes.

Colour Effects: Node-based colour effects for advanced looks and creativity.

Primary Out: Similar to Primary In but with added controls for Broadcast Safe and sophisticated IRE controls.

Geometry: Pan, Scan, Scale, Flip, Flop, Rotate, Motion Trackers, Keyframes.

Still Store: Unlimited still store for saving shots for comparison using dynamic split screen (vertical, horizontal).

FinalTouch HD has enthusiastic customers worldwide; some of their comments are shared below: