Apple has updated the front page of its US website to reflect the banners seen around Macworld Expo.

Just like the banners, the new front pages states: "There's something in the air." It also promises Mac watchers that the 2008 keynote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be made available on the website this afternoon (US time - meaning most UK users will watch the transmission tomorrow morning).

Jobs will take the stage from 5pm tonight (UK time). Speculation as to the substance of his keynote varies, but most observers seem to expect a slimmer MacBook, film rentals, an improved Apple TV, potentially a new 16GB iPhone model. However, industry observers have also noted that Apple's news seems more surrounded by secrecy than ever before this year.

Macworld UK is at the show and will be ready to report whatever emerges from the event tonight, starting 5pm UK time.

Meanwhile, anxious Apple-watchers can indulge in Keynote Bingo and another game, SteveNote, which features Steve Jobs on a journey around the Apple campus to pick up the bits and pieces he needs for the keynote.