Kensington has opted to deploy a new technology to enable Mac users to connect additional displays to their computer using USB.

The company is using technology from DisplayLink to achieve this, introducing a Mac docking station and a dual USB adaptor at Macworld Expo.

These devices allow Mac mini users to view content on up to four displays while laptop owners can link their machines up to a monitor using the dedicated desktop docking system. iMac and Mac Pro users can also add up to four additional displays.

The DisplayLink solution is comprised of the new Mac OS-compatible Virtual Graphics Card (VGC) software along with Hardware Rendering Engine (HRE) network display chips that are embedded in display devices. 

Once a Mac user has installed the VGC software, they are able to use a variety of HRE-powered multi-monitor products including USB graphics adapters (UGAs), which connect a VGA or DVI display to a computer using USB; universal notebook docks and USB-connected displays. To date, these products are available worldwide from major consumer electronics manufacturers such as LG, Kensington, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

A beta version of the Mac VGC software is on display at Macworld at DisplayLink’s booth. Kensington will show the first DisplayLink-based docking station for Mac laptops at booth at the show.  The Mac VGC software will be made available as a beta in March 2008.