WiebeTech is storming into Macworld Expo San Francisco with new products and a competition for developers.

G5 Bling

The new competition is a request for developers to help the company create a new product called G5 Bling.

This is a small LED display that sits on the front grille of a Power Mac G5 and displays a user's choice of animation, such as an iTunes equaliser or a miniature Pong game. WiebeTech has launched an essay contest where the developers of ten of the best ideas will get a prototype board to experiment with. The very best idea gets $500 of WiebeTech products.

DriveBlock unveiled

WiebeTech has also revealed new software - DriveBlock - that allows users to choose when to turn on and off the write-block feature of a WiebeTech drive. This means users can back-up to the drive and disable the drive's ability to overwrite that information. This protects the data from accidentally being deleted.

DriveBlock feature is controlled by a Mac, Linux and Windows-friendly utility that is password protected. It will initially be available as a feature on WiebeTech's shock protected ToughTech 800 enclosure; and WiebeTech's high capacity field deployable RT-5 RAID.

SATA's little helper

The company has also introduced a series of SATA (Serial ATA) storage drive units that contain one, two or five drive bays with removable trays for the drives and are RAID-capable.

SilverSATA I: A single USB 2 drive enclosure with a removable tray so drives are easily swapped.

SilverSATA II: This version functions as a hardware RAID 0 or 1 for striping or mirroring. It also has a USB2 port and an eSATA port.

SilverSATA V: works as a software RAID and handles over 200MB/s transfer rate. A SATA 2 host card, compatible with both PCs and PCI-X Macs, is available from WiebeTech.