WiebeTech is attending Macworld Expo to demonstrate its own collection of new and upgraded products, including:

G5Jam+ (illustrated) allows up to ten drives to be mounted to the G5. It's the company's updated version of last year's Best of Show winner. Six drives can be mounted internally with a replacement air baffle/cooling system. A controller card provides four more external SATA ports.

UltraGB+TM, a bus-powered version of the ToughTech desktop drive with capacity to 400GB. It is available with FireWire 800 or FireWire 400 connectivity, and integrates shock and vibration protection. The device is bus-powered.

Super DriveDock+ is a re-designed and upgraded version of an existing WiebeTech product, which lets users attach 3.5-inch IDE hard drives to their computer using FireWire 800 (400 compatible) without an AC adapter.

BittyDock connects most 1.8-inch or 1.0-inch hard drives to a computer through USB2.

WiebeTech's MicroGB+ Combo is a FireWire 400/USB2 pocket drive with up to 100GB capacity.

Prices for all these products were unavailable as Macworld went to press.