XtremeMac launched its new voice recorder for the iPod with video.

The new device, MicroMemo, uses the iPod's built-in, high-fidelity audio capabilities to record 16-bit audio through an included, removable microphone, or any compatible microphone with a 3.5mm plug. It's powered by the iPod.

The microphone has a flexible neck. The system connects via the Dock connector at the bottom of the iPod and includes a built-in speaker for instant playback without headphones.

MicroMemo also offers a one-touch recording feature that activates the recording mode even when the iPod is in play mode. With the press of a button, MicroMemo automatically switches the iPod from play to record mode.

The product is scheduled to begin shipping in late Spring 2006 and will cost $79.95 in the US; UK pricing not yet available.