XtremeMac has announced AirPlay, Shieldz and new SportWrap Armband colours.

The company claims its AirPlay FM transmitter for iPod (which isn't legal in the UK) to be "the only iPod-powered transmitter that works across the full FM frequency band without installing software". It costs $39.95.

AirPlay features an easy-to-read illuminated digital frequency display, which turns off after tuning to conserve iPod battery power. When iPod begins to play, AirPlay automatically transmits on the last used radio frequency.

Shieldz are translucent clip-on covers in five colours (sky, rose, tangerine, lilac, kiwi and ice/clear) for iPod mini which cost $12.95.

The company also introduced three new colours of SportWrap Armbands for iPod and iPod mini: yellow, red, and blue.