The final round of voting in the ongoing My Dream App competition begins on the morning of Monday 23 October .

Voters will receive coupons toward T-shirts and a free copy of application-launcher software, Overflow. A second free software package will also be announced, and the voting system is to be tweaked for the casting session of votes.

Contestants compete for the chance to have their ideas realised as a Mac shareware application. In excess of 2,700 software concepts were submitted to the competition and now just six remain.

The remaining ideas competing for the prize include:

Atmosphere: A virtual local weather display
Blossom: A virtual plant that responds to user productivity
Portal: A file transfer application
Minerva: Contact, appointment and news aggregation software
Cookbook: Recipe software which integrates online grocery shopping
Whistler: Music creation software that can build a song in response to a user's whistled melody