A UK version of the phenomenally successful social networking site, MySpace, will debut within 30 days.

A BBC report confirms Fox Interactive (which now owns the service) will launch a UK-specific area. MySpace already has 50 million users.

MySpace is emerging as a crucial place for musicians to attract new fans. Chart-topping UK act, the Arctic Monkeys, for example, managed to kick-start their careers by successfully exploiting such services to reach fresh ears, with the help of their fans.

They would hand CDs containing their music to fans at gigs, who then made the music available online, winning more fans, helping the act secure a record deal, and this week propelling them to the top of the UK charts.

It's a social networking market driver Fox Interactive doesn't plan to ignore.

Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinson told the BBC the company would focus on the UK's music scene: "Hopefully they'll want to market through MySpace and we'll tap into the local events scene, parties, clubs, artists, film makers, television producers, so I think it's going to grow pretty rapidly."

The service will also receive a push from the company's media properties in the UK: The Sun, The Times and Sky.