MacPlay is set to ship realMYST for Mac OS X in the UK.

The company bills it as a "director's cut" of the original Myst title, which was a smash hit with Mac-gamers in the mid-90s when it was released.

realMYST will ship in March in the US, and is likely to appear the following month in the UK. On OS X, says MacPlay the game runs "as it was originally intended". In this version, much of the gameplay has been beefed-up into 3D.

Mark Cottam, MacPlay president, said: "We are excited to finally bring realMYST to Mac OS X. Myst debuted on the Macintosh in 1993 and Mac gamers were the first to experience the wonderful world of D'ni. RealMYST will continue that tradition."

MacPlay has licensed the title from UbiSoft, whose vice president, Jason Cohen said: "ubiSoft is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Myst franchise for the Macintosh audience. The recent release of Myst III and now realMYST on the Mac completes that library."

At Macworld Expo 2001 in San Francisco, MayPlay revealed that all its releases will now support OS X.