Myth III: The Wolf Age promises to be the best version of the award-winning strategy game released so far, according to Andrew Meggs, lead programmer for the game's developer Mumbo Jumbo.

The game will offer full 3D for both terrain and characters. Myth III is set prior to the events of the previous two Myth titles.

Meggs says: "I have put textures back in using an all-new renderer, and the performance increase is incredible. It's such a small thing, maybe 100 lines of text when you look at the source code, but it's the right 100 lines. We've got the best OpenGL pipeline I've ever seen, and I say that having worked on ports of games using all three Quake engines."

He also reveals that "Myth III is on a very fast development timeline" and is set for a release this autumn.

The work is progressing so well, claims Meggs, that the team is considering introducing advanced visual effects such as reflections into the game. "The base specs for the game are getting lower, not higher," he claims. Such advanced effects would require graphics hardware, and were originally going to be left out as the team believed it would have to make up time elsewhere.