The Mac release of ”>Myth III: The Wolf Age is being hampered by problems with Max OS X.

The PC version of the game went gold master in mid-October, published by Take Two Interactive’s Gathering of Developers.

The Mac version - the latest game in the franchise created first by Bungie Software - is being managed by MacSoft.

MacSoft says problems include random crashes under OS X when using an nVidia card - caused by the GeForce drivers for OS X. There are also LAN networking problems under Mac OS X, as well as unexplained performance-drops.

Nate Birkholz, MacSoft product coordinator, said: "MumboJumbo has been working hard on getting these issues resolved. While they are working on these, they are fixing the Mac-specific B-level bugs and folding in fixes and tweaks reported from the PC version."

MumboJumbo Games executive producer, Mike Donges said: "The release is very close, and MacSoft is gearing it up for the holiday season. They are as committed as us in getting it to Mac users. We ran into some unforeseen issues."