Adobe upgraded its video products for Windows systems and announced its Mac-friendly After Effects 6.5 at NAB 2004 today.

After Effects 6.5 is the company's award-winning motion-graphics and visual-effects software. This version offers significant new features, including Animation Presets, an advanced clone tool, and tighter integration with the other Adobe video products, the company says.

The product includes new Animation Presets that let users save any combination of layer properties, including text animation properties, and easily apply them to other layers. More than 250 text Animation Presets were added to create sophisticated text animations and more than 60 new effects enable users to create visuals including light rays and 3D particles.

"After Effects 6.5 is a huge leap forward," says Matt Silverman, director of effects and design at Phoenix Editorial. "The new cloning and tracking features are top-notch, and allow me to complete shots directly in After Effects without having to move to other dedicated paint or tracking tools. Including Cycore FX and Color Finesse is the icing on the cake."

The Clone tool offers a visual overlay of the clone source, and five user-definable presets to shift between. After Effects 6.5 Professional adds three grain-management tools and both editions include one-click tools such as Auto Color, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, and Shadow/Highlight. For advanced colour-correction, After Effects includes Color Finesse from Synthetic Aperture, a professional 32-bit floating-point colour-correction system. Motion-tracking in After Effects 6.5 Professional has been enhanced for greater accuracy and flexibility.

Inside After Effects 6.5, previews and support for OpenGL are faster and more accurate, Adobe says. In addition, After Effects 6.5 has been optimized for the latest Intel and Macintosh G5 systems.

Adobe After Effects 6.5 will be available in the second calendar quarter of 2004. After Effects 6.5 Standard will be $699; while After Effects 6.5 Professional will be $999. Registered users of either version can upgrade to the new version for $99.