Apple has updated Motion, the real-time motion graphics software first introduced at last year's NAB.

Among its new features is Replicator, a new automated design tool that lets editors animate any number of duplicated movies or graphics along user defined grids and patterns.

Motion 2 also includes over 130 accelerated filters such as 3D rotation, vignette and caustics, and more than 50 new particle effects that automatically generate spectacular animations like sparkles, bubbles and space clouds.


Apple has also given third-party developers a way to write their own effects with FxPlug, a professional plug-in format that takes full advantage of Motion 2's real-time GPU accelerated performance and 32-bit float point colour rendering, which Apple describes as allowing "true film-quality output".

In addition, new MIDI support allows Motion 2 to be "played" like a musical instrument with animation changes triggered by playing a keyboard or using faders or knobs on a MIDI controller.

It costs £199, or £69 as an upgrade from Motion. Motion 2 is also available as part of Final Cut Studio, which costs £899.