Apple and Panasonic have announced plans to develop two technologies for professional video.

Panasonic plans to deploy FireWire technology in two of its HD (High-Definition) tape decks, the Panasonic DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO. Apple plans to introduce support for Panasonic’s new AG-DVX100 24P mini-DV camcorder in a future version of its video editing application, Final Cut Pro 3.

“We’re pleased that we share a similar vision for the professional video market with one of the most innovative hardware and software companies in the world,” said Stuart English, vice president of marketing at Panasonic Broadcast. “We are delighted to have Apple add support for our new 24 frames-per-second DV camcorder to Final Cut Pro, and we look forward to bringing FireWire to our next-generation VTRs (Video Tape Recorders).”

The addition of FireWire support to Panasonic’s tape decks makes them the first such HD units to support the standard. In practice, this means that video-editors can employ Panasonic’s tape decks instead of a specialized PC video-capture card.

David Moody, Apple’s senior director of applications marketing, said: “Apple and Panasonic are bringing affordable cinematic-quality tools to visual storytellers everywhere.”

High-speed, high-quality Panasonic’s AG-DVX100 24P mini-DV camcorder was announced yesterday at NAB. Apple has committed to support it in a future version of Final Cut Pro. This integration will allow video-professionals to acquire content, digitally transfer it via high speed FireWire, and edit it in Final Cut Pro at the camcorder’s native 24 frames-per-second (fps), 480-line progressive-scan resolution.

The product is the first mini-DV camcorder to capture 24fps digital video, which brings the quality of the results closer to that of film. It’s equipped with three newly developed 1/3-inch, 410,000-pixel progressive-scan CCDs (charge-coupled devices) that allow the camcorder to capture high-sensitivity images in both standard 60-field-per-second interlace scan (NTSC) and 24fps progressive scan. UK pricing on these products hasn’t yet been announced.