Apple unveiled Soundtrack Pro at NAB, its a new audio editing and sound design application that integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4 and Motion 2.

The application replaces Apple’s mid-range music creation product, Soundtrack, which was removed from sale in January 2005.

Soundtrack Pro enables action-based editing to design new sounds, repair imperfect location recordings, add sound effects or musical Apple Loops, and script and batch process common tasks.


Each edit, effect or process performed in the action-based, sample accurate waveform editor can be turned on or off, or totally re-ordered for complete creative control. The editor is non-destructive, with intelligent repair and restoration functions.

In addition, a find-and-fix function quickly identifies, previews and fixes common audio problems like background noise, pops, clicks and hum.

Sound effect

Soundtrack Pro comes with 50 professional effect plug-ins. These include Space Designer, Match EQ and Linear Phase EQ from Apple's Logic Pro software, enabling users to enhance a dialogue track, recreate the reverberant ambiance of any space, or create sound effects and samples.

Soundtrack Pro is also packed with 5,000 Apple Loops with musical elements and sound effects ranging from earthshaking explosions and whooshes, to subtle ambient effects.

An Ambient noise print function streamlines the dialogue and live sound editing process and allows unwanted sounds to be removed and filled with ambient noise.

Support for Mackie Control surface protocol allows sound editors to use hardware faders and knobs for tactile control over mix parameters.


Thanks to Soundtrack Pro's AppleScript capabilities, common and repetitive audio tasks can be automated and executed directly from Final Cut Pro 5. For example, Audio pros can apply common effects to multiple tracks and group common tracks using busses.

Apple sums up the top features in Soundtrack Pro as follows: "Non-destructive, sample-accurate editing of audio files; Action Layers to reorder, suspend or delete any edit or process at any time; Find-and-Fix repair and restoration functions; more than 50 professional plug-ins; more than 4,500 sound effect and musical Apple Loops; comprehensive audio toolset including multi-track editor; integrated workflow including support for scripts; support for video formats up to HD resolutions; and full integration with Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4 and Motion 2."

Apple VP of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "In an HD world where production values are high, Soundtrack Pro ensures that the audio sounds as good as the picture looks. Just as Final Cut Pro revolutionized the world of non-linear editing, Soundtrack Pro will do the same for audio editing and sound design.”

Soundtrack Pro costs £199, or £69 as an upgrade from Soundtrack. It is also included in Apple's Final Cut Studio suite which combines of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion and Soundtrack Pro, and costs £899.